Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología y FEDER -Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional- (Plan Nacional de Investigación Científica, Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológico)
Ref.: BFF2002-01317

The project CATALOGUING AND STUDY OF SPANISH AUGUSTINIAN TRANSLATIONS began on 01/12/2002 and ended on 30/11/2005, reaching an important degree of scientific information, and producing the following results in its conclusion:

Catalogued data:

526 authors, 643 translations, 693 foreign-language works, 117 grammatical works and dictionaries, and 36 reference languages.

The catalogue can be accessed via internet and through this portal, as its database is constantly evolving and controlled by our research group.

Study of translations:

The work carried out both by the scientific team and the work team can be accessed online through this portal in the majority of cases (some publications only exist in paper form), covering important aspects in the fields of history and translation theory.

Studies about the incidence of Augustinian translation have been carried out and published in various languages and by the following authors: Latin, Greek, and Hebrew (Balliu and García Teijeiro), indigenous languages (García-Medall), Italian (Alonso), and modern languages in general (Marquant).

Studies have been carried out about the history of translation (Balliu and Santoyo), translation theory (Bueno), Bible (Sánchez Caro), procedures of ecclesiastical control (Rubio), cultural contact with America (Adrada) and Asia (Anguiano), grammars and dictionaries (García-Medall and Gómez), translations of lives (Behiels), history of translation (Balliu), translation of philosophical and spiritual works (Behiels), teaching approach to translations (Revuelta), translations of Saint Augustine (De Luis and Anguiano), translation of scientific texts (Marquant), translation of literary texts (Zarandona and Sáenz), translation of catechisms and theological and liturgical texts (Zarandona, Lazcano and Resines), text typology (Adrada), music (Montes), art (Sierra), cinematographic translation (Mallo), archives and libraries (Ibáñez and González).